American Civil War

Imagine you're in America in the 1860s, smelling the woodsmoke,
gunpowder, brewing coffee, wild animal stews, listening to the army drills,
and occasional cannon fire. The 60-100 strong re-enactment group, -
soldiers, women and children, will be living in two opposing camps on
Tilston Playing Field.

Meet at the Green at 3.30 pm on Saturday 24th August to take part, along
with the drumming, marching soldiers and families, in the Wakes Grand
Procession. Arrive at the field and watch the first skirmish between the
Union and the Confederate forces.
Members of the American Civil War Society, the largest in the UK, have
extensive knowledge of the history of the period and will enjoy talking with
you about civilian life, medical techniques and food, as well as battles.
Join us on the field Sunday 25th at 12 noon for more civil war adventuring,
including children's military drilling. Experience life as it was in those
dangerous times.